We have decided to show these images in order to share our experience with this very frightening condition which we had never heard of until Saturday 29th October 2018. We had taken the whippets for a run & Jeff had taken his camera to catch some action shots. They had done a couple of runs after their ball and all was well. On the third run Ethan suddenly started screaming in agony and his back legs had suddenly become paralysed. It happened extremely quickly and it was just as though he had been shot. At first we thought his hind right leg had come out of socket at the hip and then it looked like he might have broken his back. It was just absolutely shocking and very scary to say the least. We tried to keep him calm as not only was he screaming in pain he was absolutely terrified. Jeff rang Vicky (daughter Willow Vets) who suspected it was an FCE. We took him straight to the Willow and within an hour of it happening he could almost hold his weight and had some control, albeit small, return in his hind legs. The fact that the pain had almost gone and that there was some improvement strongly suggested it was FCE. We took him home and kept him very quiet on a padded bed in a crate which he is not used to apart from when we showed him. Luckily he still had control of his bladder and bowel. We were to monitor him closely and if the improvement did not continue then he was to be scanned. Writing this we are now 4 days on and every day thankfully there has been some improvements and we are hopeful for a full recovery. He seems quite happy in himself and is relaxed in his bed where he can see his pack members. Apparently this condition is more common than you would think and dogs can have a very good recovery which can take from days to months. There is lots of information on websites and I am putting a link to one of these which is well worth reading and recommend it. Apparently also once they have had this happen it does not mean it will ever happen to them again and they can usually continue with a normal life.

I hope you find the images and information useful and hopefully it will never happen to any of yours.




                                                      2 Images below of Ethan before FCE

Follow The Recovery: We will continue to update his recovery

A_6004_web ethan done web

Below Images showing FCE happening. Click on images to enlarge & scroll to next image

Ethan cut out WEB Ethan cut out WEB