Images of some of the beautiful dogs from our past. Gone but never forgotten.

Tess & Tully. Both rescue collies

The beautiful Phoebe who we had from GRWE. Sadly died of bone cancer at only 6 years old

PHOEBE MONTAG yes copy Memories of Tess Spring in the Air Dylan Flys Wallpaper Tom Purdy 021

Phoebe with her number one fan 'J'

Purdy Mother of Briar

Sadly lost at 9 with a brain tumour

Sadly we lost our beautiful Wilf on 28.10.11. he is greatly missed. A gentleman to the end.

Gentom Loyalty at Brockfield  "AKA WILF"  17.12.01 - 28.10.11

Wilf was our first deerhound and the first dog to achieve a CC for us and that was at the hound show in 2004. With that beautiful head with which the Gentom kennels are especially noted for he was the inspiration for our well known digital artwork known as "Expressions of Loyalty". We have since produced similar head studies in a number of breeds. I would like to mention that it was brought to our attention in 2011at Blackpool champ show that a well known artist had copied & reproduced our Expressions of Loyalty image on a ceramic loving cup. This caused us considerable distress and solicitors specialising in copyright laws had to be contacted as this was a clear breach of copyright. We just hope that this piece is never on show again and would appreciate being contacted if anyone does see our unique head study reproduced in any way. Many thanks.

20060710_0116 copy

Wilf took part in a Midsummer Nights Dream at Trentham Gardens

FYNN: Canerikie Casablanca at Brockfield

Sadly lost our handsome giant on 22.11.11 just 6 years old

 Fynn & Wilf featured in a "Rock the Frock" post wedding shoot we did with one of our lovely Bride & Groom, Natalie & Richard.

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Dylan rescued as a tiny puppy from a country fair

BRIAR: "Brockfield Briar Rose" 03.01.97-17.10.12

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28/04/15: Sadly lost our beautiful Blue & Gold Macaw "Roxy" at the

very young age of 28 years following a short illness. We feel like the

heart has been ripped out of our home. He was just so very special x

A_05939__web IMG_6429

Left "Expressions of Loyalty"

10/10/16  Today we lost our beautiful little Nancy Norfolk at 11.75 years old

                                     She still has her own page for now